Yum Yum


A pizza delivery guy drives around a deserted part of town
looking for an address. When he finally finds the sketchy location,
he can’t fathom how one pepperoni with extra cheese and
mushrooms could possibly be enough for all the people
on the campsite…

Starring :

Thomas Aske Berg – Pizza delivery guy

Written / Directed /Produced by Kristian B. Walters
Cinematography – Amund Lie
Editor – Morten Rørvig nfk
Music / Sound design – Haavard Hana
Sound recordist – Thomas Mortveit
Production designer / Props – Ines Veronica Chitussi
Camera assistant – Frank Shortt
Wardrobe – Hege Hervik
Hair stylist – Lill Veronica Kindervåg
Make-up – Sham Jaff
Make-up assistant – Marta Lalik
Stills photographer – Marius Vervik
Lighting – Kai Roger Melkevik
Grip – Jørgen M. Lund
Assistant carpenter – Tomas Sand
Extras coordinator – Maria Ervik
Production assistent – Frida Ripland Moberg

Produced by Walters Film AS

Filmed on location in Stavanger, Norway

All content © Kristian B. Walters