The Tickler


A man with restless hands sips his drink at the the opera house bar.

A beautiful woman sits beside him on a bar stool – his hand itches
to touch her thigh. When it does, it sets in motion a chain of events
that will change their lives.

Starring :

Fred Heggland
Kathrine Jünger Ims

Written / Directed / Produced by Kristian B. Walters
Cinematography / Editor / Grading – Mikkel B. Munkvold
Lighting – Nils Petter Devold Midtun
Production design / Locations / Casting – Kristian B. Walters
Hair / Make-up – Lill Veronica Kindervåg
Stills – Marius H. Vervik
PA / Driver – Thomas Bolme
Title / Credit Music – Pete Swift
Title animation – Vincent

Produced by Walters Film AS
in association with 

Filmed on location at Stavanger Concert Hall
Courtesy of Per-Harald

All content © Kristian B. Walters