Sykkelen min / My Bike


Everything appears normal in the small Norwegian town
of Skudeneshavn.

But cycling along the beach road is Lauritz, 11, racing to treat himself
to an ice cream at the only café for miles.

Pedals spinning, wheels skidding, he rides his beloved bike like a pro,
through majestic woods and narrow roads, to get his ice cream.

Before sunset he will have lost something valuable,
but perhaps gained something more precious.

Starring :

Lauritz Helgesen
Alida Mørch

Written / Directed / Produced by Kristian B. Walters
Cinematography – Kai Roger Melkevik
Associate producer / Location manager – Kay Garred
Editor – Martin Trosnavåg
Music – Pete Swift
Sound design – Tom Poole Kerr

Produced by Walters Film AS


Filmed on location in Skudeneshavn, Norway

All content © Kristian B. Walters