Gutten med det grønne skjerfet / The Boy with the Green Scarf


Vincent, an eighteen year old wannabe Buddhist
with more money than most, prepares for his grand farewell party.

He invites only his counsellor and five closest friends,
telling them he is going on a lengthy trip.

After weeks of meticulous planning, it will be the party to end all parties.

Starring :

Tom Danny Pedersen – Vincent
Ingeborg Karoline Rød – Synnøve
Chris Backman – Frank
Timor Samarin – Trond
Ingvill Kjellevold – Silje

Written / Directed / Produced by Kristian B. Walters
Cinematography – Skjalg Molvær
Lighting / Stills – Marius H. Vervik
Editor / Sound – Bjørn Ove Aarthun
Titles – Carl Pharrot / Crystal FX
Production design / Locations / Casting /
Set dresser / Props – Kristian B. Walters
Grip / Dolly – Jon Eide
Music – Whiplocker

Additional music courtesy of :
Ane Brun / Sony / ATV Music Publishing
(p) & © 2004 DetErMine Records

Stonefish Brigade
Georg Vervik

Produced by Walters Film AS

Filmed on location in Stavanger, Norway

All content © Kristian B. Walters