Dot Delight


A lazy afternoon in Stavanger, Norway, a collision course between
the two most iconic patterns to ever adorn a fabric is set in motion.

Lines are drawn in the sand.
Who will run circles around their opponent?
Pick a side and stand back.

Starring :

Stripey girls
Kaila Bertha

Maliah Bjørlo
Perle In’t Veld Bendiksen
Amelia Vervik Olivares

Dotty ladies
Hege Hervik

Kristin Høiland

Written / Directed / Produced by Kristian B. Walters
Cinematography / Editor / Grading – Mikkel B. Munkvold
Sound design – Miguel Salas Fernandez
Production design – Hege Hervik / Kristin Høiland
Hair / Make-up – Lill Veronica Kindervåg
Wardrobe – Kris & the mums
Stills – Marius H. Vervik
PA – Thomas Bolme

Camera equiptment –

Produced by Walters Film AS

Music performed by Gillian Hills
Courtesy of Universal Music / Barclay France

Filmed on location at Stavanger, Norway


All content © Kristian B. Walters